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Mommy Mind Makeover


Introducing the Mommy Mind Makeover Membership: Embrace Self-Care and Empowerment for the Modern Mom! A transformative journey designed exclusively for the modern mom who deserves to prioritize herself and embrace a fulfilling and empowered life. As a valued member, you'll gain access to a range of empowering resources and support, enabling you to nurture your well-being, reclaim your identity, and flourish into the new and improved Mom who shows up for everyone in a healthy, mindful way. What's Included? - Mommy mindfulness hypnosis tracks to wake up & fall asleep to (if you don't fall asleep from exhaustion first) - Affirmations track to play in the background when you feel like you're losing you sh** (or just for fun) - Several 2 minute coaching videos (because I know you're too busy to watch anything longer than that) - Journal prompts to write when your sweet little angel ones have finally gone down for their naps - Continuous updates featuring new content always curated for the Mindful Moms


Mommy Mind Makeover, $95.00/month


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