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What is hypnosis? What does it feel like? 

Hypnosis is a very natural state that our minds go through throughout the day. It is, quite simply put, a change in the pattern of our brain waves. Our conscious minds operate on the beta brain waves throughout our day. When we sleep at night, we are in the delta brain waves and the in-between states are alpha and theta waves. These waves feel like daydreaming and getting lost in a movie or book. In a hypnosis session, we intentionally get you into the alpha and theta state because these are the brain waves that the subconscious is most open to positive suggestions. 

Can everyone be hypnotized? 

YES! As stated above, we all go into states of hypnosis every day. When working with a hypnotherapist, people differ in the degree to which they respond to hypnosis. A person’s ability to experience hypnosis can be inhibited by fears and concerns arising from common misconceptions. It's important to ask all the questions you would like before you start your session. 

Is hypnosis therapy? 

Although the benefits of hypnotherapy are so powerful and profound, unfortunately, hypnosis is NOT a type of psychotherapy or psychotherapeutic treatment. However, most people see these powerful and profound results in their mental health and mindset after just a few sessions. The success rate for utilizing hypnotherapy is 93% after just 6 sessions! 

What are some uses for hypnosis? 

Hypnosis has been used for many years for a HUGE variety of treatments. Many include depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD, habit disorders, childbirth, insomnia, and many more! Curious about if hypnosis can help you? Just ask :) 


Do I lose my sense of control during a hypnosis session? 

Absolutely NOT. In fact, you will probably feel more in control than you have ever felt before. Everything that we (hypnotherapists) say to you in sessions are just SUGGESTIONS. It is ultimately your choice whether or not you want to accept each suggestion.  A good hypnotherapist would have already listened to all your fears and concerns, addressed them, and would have clearly understood what you want out of your sessions BEFORE going into the hypnotic state. Meaning all suggestions given are positive  (often in your own words) and what you want to hear. 

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