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I tell all my clients the importance of gratitude and how CRUCIAL it is to have a gratitude journal. If you don’t enjoy writing physically, I use an app called “thankful” and it’s also nice to turn on your talk to text and blabber away unfiltered all the things you are happy and grateful for!

Gratitude is so important because when manifesting your dream life, you want to follow the path of joy. By writing the things you are grateful for in either the past, present of future, you spark immense levels of joy! Therefore, the universe will create more joy and joyful situations for you.

Gratitude is a practice that we all should try to master but to never beat ourselves up on if we don't do it everyday. The key to having this joy as much as possible is to feel grateful for even in the moments we fall off because we know we will always get back up.

Love and light


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