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Letting Go of Expectations & Using Hypnosis to Assist You

I had a really moving conversation one night with a stranger. He told me this amazing story about how he waited for 11 years for his daughter to come into his life after her mother had taken her away from him. ELEVEN WHOLE YEARS until he finally found the last three missing pieces to his puzzle....but he found it. Everything all made sense in the end.

We spend so much time stressing over decisions.

What if there is no wrong and there is no right? What if everything just is?

I truly believe that everything has two perspectives and that you are the one who gets to choose what perspective will better serve you in your life. Sometimes the perspective can go from one that feels bad to one that feels good and vice versus.

Regret is such a dangerous and unnecessary emotion. It’s really important for us to realize that we are on the right path, if you just trust yourself in this, you will see things unfold in just the way they were meant.

Sometimes it takes years to realize the reason behind everything unfolding. Sometimes it takes five minutes. Our subconscious minds hold all the answers that are meant for us to see. By going into a state of hypnosis, you can find comfort in whatever decisions you've made or didn't make. You can energetically let go of the expectations or the illusions that you set up for yourself.

And always remember, however long it takes for you, let go of the illusion that things could’ve been any different.

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