Ashley Johnson, C.Ht

Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner 

- Hypnotherapist -
Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar
What is Hypnotherapy?

 Hypnotherapy is a process in which the hypnotherapist guides the client to relax or quiet their conscious mind in order to effectively give the subconscious mind powerful and positive suggestions in which the client may choose to accept or reject. 

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What's my Approach?

I help individuals with blocks release limiting thoughts so they can live their purposeful path and flow into their passions with ease

Wow! Ashley is really great at what she does! I have had guided group hypnotherapy in the past. But, it doesn't compare. She chatted with me for a bit about what I was trying to work through and then created a highly personalized script just for me. I was blown away by how intuitive and thorough she was. She just somehow knew exactly what I needed and infused my session with much needed elements we hadn't even discussed. Since my session with Ashley I've been noticing subtle changes every day in how I show up. I'm finally making progress in areas where I was previously blocked and struggling to overcome.

Miyae M.