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Helping Someone Diagnosed with PTSD

When suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it can often times be just as hard on the loved ones. Here’s some tips on how to get through it a little easier.


1. Listen to their story even if you have heard it a million times. When someone has gone through a trauma, they need to repeat their story over and over again in order to effectively move through the processing phase. Being open and allowing them to feel safe and express themselves to you, is a great way to support them.


2. A lot of times, people who live with PTSD already know their triggers. Ask them if they don’t mind sharing with you so you know what to do and what not to do. You can also ask them if they know what helps them feel better when they are triggered or what you need to do if they are in a flashback.


3. People who struggle with PTSD can often be emotional, angry, avoidant, dismissive, or even emotionally numb. This to you could feel as if they are being too “cold” or “heartless” but to them, they are subconsciously just trying to maintain control so they don’t put themselves in a traumatic situation again.


4. Again, controlling when, where and what time a person with PTSD should be doing anything, is not a great idea. When they were experiencing their traumatic event, they had no control. So allowing them to talk when THEY want to, will give them a sense of control and if they can trust you or not.

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