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Let’s talk about manifesting and how this works:

Our brains filter information through the Reticular Activating System (RAS). Basically, this means our brains are like radios. We have different channels that we can tune in and out of. These channels normally have emotions attached to them, leading to the way that we talk to ourselves throughout our day.

In order to properly manifest all your dreams, goals, and desires, it’s important to stay on the radio channel that says things to you like:

“I’m deserving of everything that I desire”

“I’m grateful for ______”

“Today is going to be a great day”


“Even though I am sad/angry/depressed right now, I STILL am deserving of my dreams and desires, I know that positive things are STILL coming to me”

Being good at manifesting is a practice because managing our emotions and thoughts is a practice. Always remember this, and never put too much pressure on yourself to “be happy all the time." Learning to love yourself more is always the goal, in the good and the bad.

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