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How Hypnosis Made My Birth Enjoyable

Out of all the hypnosis I’ve done, this was the most magical… here’s our story;

Declan Audrey Avery was born into the physical world on November 26 at 3:06 am all natural, using only hypnoanesthesia for our birthing time. I spent 22 days in the hospital waiting for her arrival diagnosed with PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes) at 33 weeks.

I did at least 1-2 hypnosis’ a day to get me through this time emotionally and to manifest the baby’s great health despite her swimming in less amniotic fluid & being diagnosed with growth restriction landing her in the 4th percentile. We monitored her heart rate 2x day every day… every single monitoring came back perfect. She was very small but I knew she had an immense amount of strength; we believed in her.

When our birth day(s) began, we worked hard for over 15 hours experiencing strong pressure waves, only to find out Declan’s doors to the world had only opened 2 cm (when it needed to open 10 cm), I felt so discouraged & defeated. Yet, I knew I had no choice but to keep moving through, I had settled for the fact that getting an IV of Pitocin might be something we needed at this point.

The IV specialist was on the way but I continued using guided imagery to imagine Declan’s passageway opening more & more with each wave that came.

Moments later, I suddenly felt her descending & I pushed for just 47 minutes before her arrival.

I was in a very deep state of hypnosis for the entire 28 hours of our birthing time (I couldn’t even remember the passcode to my phone!) I feel so grateful for hypnosis & my discovery of it before the birth of my baby & I’m beyond excited to add hypnosis for birth into my practice to share the magic of it with you.

My Declan, I love & cherish you in ways I’ve never loved before. Thank you for showing me that rainbows only shine after it rains 🌈

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